Help identifying maker, turquoise, and any way to make larger

Just found this in some of my father’s things. I am hoping someone can help to identify stones and makers mark. Also to give some idea if any value, and if so, thoughts on making it larger so it would fit a bigger wrist.
It’s been a wonderful day of discovery. Many thanks, may you all have a great day.


Mark looks similar to Ray King, Navajo, but not exact.

It is difficult to tell with the flash but has characteristics of Sleeping Beauty. You would have to have another link (box) that matched the watch made to add length. It is very nice piece $250 - $350. It would definitely be worth more but with smart watches and phones people just don’t buy these style watch bracelets anymore. We have a showcase full of them.

I know, it’s a shame. I couldn’t be without a watch. I am guessing that they probably don’t make many any more. If I happen to be out your way with it, do you have anyone that could add a link? My other thought was to possibly enlarge the length of the catch. Also, can’t decipher hallmark, there is a similar mark on a piece on one of the online sites that attributes to E. King but looked in hallmark book and think not. Thank you for your help and input.

It’s a shame people don’t wear an old-school watch anymore. Sign of the times changing, but there are so many cool old watches. Maybe “only” telling the time isn’t enough in this day and age, but too much information and distractions with a smart watch. Just tell me the time in style.

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Agreed! So many beautiful old things being reduced to scrap for the metal value. Losing so much of our history and traditions.

@biker4all Yes, I agree with you on the scrap issue. I find it very sad that some of these things I consider to be valuable heirlooms (sterling flatware passed down from one’s grandmother, for example) and beautiful pieces of jewelry are only of interest for the value of their material and being melted down and destroyed for a few dollars (which ironically, will probably be spent on some cheaply made thing that will end up in the landfill in very short order).

I can’t begrudge someone’s choice of what’s valuable to them and not, and I realize that people today are not as traditional as they were in years past, but it still seems a shame that people no longer see as valuable what’s been viewed as such for millennia.