Help Identifying Necklace Set

I could use some assistance on this necklace set.

There are no markings that I can find and it is not magnetic (read that this was a litmus test of sorts)
Its in the squash blossom style but not a squash blossom by any means. I also thought perhaps Zuni because of the inlay and pretty sure the motif is flower, not sun.

The earrings are clip on, but not sure if that is original or modified since my MIL did not have pierced ears.

Family provenance wise, we suspect the original owner to be my mother in laws great aunt, who according to my husband was well off and had jeweler’s make house calls back in the 60s/70s. She had a love of Native American jewelry.

We had thought my MIL also had a squash blossom necklace but we’ve had no luck finding it and suspect between all the years, multiple moves, fires, life/death they’re someone else’s treasure now, but we found this beauty tucked away in a bag with some other turquoise bits.

If anyone can point me in a direction for tribe, name or style I would appreciate it.


If it tests as Sterling Silver, then I would venture that it is likely Zuni, possibly Dishta given the age of it as you said. very pretty


Thank you!
Next up is testing and researching the Zuni and Dishta

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