Help identifying pieces

Discovered some Native American jewelry of my Aunt’s and would appreciate any information on these pieces. You will see markings on the back of a buckle.
Thanks for any input!

Hello, thanks for sharing. The belt is an interesting piece. You have the whirling log symbols on the buckle that stopped being used during the 1940s. Could this belt be this old? The other thing is it does appear to have a hallmark, which you don’t think of many pieces having during this time. I tried to look up some hallmarks, the closest thing I could come up with was Fidel Bahe. He seems to have used different hallmarks during his career, but the style he currently makes is different then this belt.

The other two pieces are Navajo. The pendant is referred to as a naja and the necklace is a squash blossom with shadow box set stones.

Can you give me any information about the pieces? When you think your aunt purchased them?