Help identifying stones

Evening all,
Can anyone out there tell me what these stones are? The green one looks like Turquoise and pink like some type of shell? Would love some help.

Nice Stones! I am gonna take a stab at it. I am thinking Lime Turquoise and Spiny Oyster. A good link for turquoise is here.

As always this is my humble opinion and I will defer to the pros.

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Yes, spiny oyster shell and green Chinese turquoise.

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Thanks so much! Great info

I have an almost identical pair, orange spiney oyster drops, same construction/design and blue oval cabs, on top. Mine are not hallmarked and purchased maybe 15 years ago, about $40, out of Badger Paw in Jackson, CA, or their sister store in Sutter Creek, Ca. I still have receipt.