Help identifying style name and value of these turquoise earrings

Hi! Though these are rather simple style, I have a lot of questions and am hoping someone can help me identify how to describe these unsigned, vintage clip earrings, the style and if they are likely Navajo, Hopi or? Any help would be appreciated. Would this be considered overlay, and do the little balls represent raindrops? file work on the edges? Kingman turquoise? Value? The pendant part is one inch long.

Attaching three photos of them and hope I do it right!

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Nice Earrings! You sound like you know what you have for the most part. I would call these Navajo, and Kingman Turquoise. Correct on the rain drops and the hot file work. This would not be overlay in the traditional sense. I would retail these between 40 and 70 dollars. While the clip on suggests they have some age, you may find them easier to retail with French wires. Of course as always I defer to the pros.

I agree with Christibo however, those clips don’t look sterling to me. I would also replace them either with age-appropriate screw backs or replace them with French wires.

Thank you so much for the info! I am worried about changing out the clips but agree they’d definitely be easier to sell. Not too many buyers now for clip earrings.

p.s. I’m a fan! I always appreciate your posts and answers

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Thanks so much for your reply! I think you are right, the clips don’t look like sterling to me and they have no stamp either. I have some screw backs from that era that I could switch them out for but I think they aren’t sterling either maybe I’ll use some sterling French ear wires as you and Christibo have mentioned in hopes of a quicker sale - or just keeping them for myself!

p.s. I’m a fan! Your posts and info as well as Christibo’s are always some of my favorites. Thanks to both of you (and of course, Jason!) for all you contribute to this forum.