Help Identifying the Gemstones in My Jewelry

I was recommended to this internet site from someone on the eBay message boards as I am trying to find out what kind of stones were used in my brooches and bracelet. I have added several pictures for viewing and hopefully someone will be able to help me. I bought these in the late 1990’s from a Lady living in Sedona, Arizona. She was selling them as part of her Mother’s Estate. I bought them because they were gorgeous and I loved them. Her mother lived her last years in Flagstaff and had come there from Wyoming. She and her husband were active in the jewelry and gemstone community and they sold much of their own jewelry in the 1960’s. Her daughter said that these pieces were made by her mother.

Several people have said that the bottom one in the group of three is possibly Sea Moss and the other two are Variscite. So with all that said I would really appreciate ANY help in identifying the gemstones in these beautiful pieces. I believe the bracelet is malachite. The last picture is of a brooch she said was turquoise. Is it??

Thank you so very much for any help you are able to provide.


In the first photo the top two look like that Chinese sea sediment Jasper. The third is moss agate. Bracelet is malachite. Can’t offer anything on the turquoise, maybe Chinese?


Thanks very much for your expert opinion StevesTrail