Help identifying the maker and type of sterling beads on this necklace.

I don’t have much information on this necklace, it was purchased from a pawn shop.
The box chain is stamped Italy & 925. I don’t know if the beads are made in Italy or not.
They all have four slotted seams at the top of the beads. Are these a type of bench beads ? Where the seams soldered at one time ? The necklace is approximately 32 inches long and weigh 95 grams and the beads are 8mm. Thanks


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I see you have two threads going here about the same necklace.
The whole thing is probably Italian made. Not Native made at all.
The cross seam on each bead is from the manufacturing process, as they are machine made beads.


Thank You for your response. I will delete one of the posts, thanks.

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