Help identifying the Maker

Can anyone help me identify the maker of this Squashblossom and Cuff?


Oh how I wish I could! It’s all so very lovely!

It is a Navajo style but could not find anything on the hallmark. Looks like Kingman seafoam, what can you tell us about the piece, age, where purchased?

Sorry Jason. I’ve no idea when or where my Mother got it. We lived in Arizona when I was born in 1950 - my father was in the Air Force. He could have purchased it for her then, but I never saw her wear it. More likely, she got it when they moved to Colorado after I had grown and married
(Between 1970 And 1978).

Between 1955 and 1970 we were not anywhere the Southwest, so it is unlikely that she got it during that time span)

one more thing, I’ve recently learned that the Navajo did not put the sterling silver markd on their jewelry prior to 1932. These pieces have no sterling markers. Makes me think they are antique/vintage?

Beautiful piece, be happy to own it and content without knowing the maker. Without the hallmark and age of piece it will be very difficult to get a name. It is a very well made piece from the images.