Help identifying this ring

I have a ring with “J Delgarito” stamped inside and I don’t know much about it beyond that it was my grandmother’s. I would like to know when it might have been made. My guess is sometime in the 1940s, but that is purely speculation on my part. Although it looks like it, it’s not an adjustable ring. A friend on this forum used the phrase “Denim Lapis.” I am assuming that refers to the turquoise. Any help with this item would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Lapis is a different stone, usually a cobalt blue. Denim Lapis is a color like faded denim blue jeans. It’s a beautiful stone!


Thanks for the clarification. I’m not sure color in the picture of the stone is true, but I think it’s close.

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This style and construction look more 1990s to me than 1940s. I don’t think I remember denim lapis common in jewelry before the 80s.


This is made by Jereme Delgaritto, born in 1974, Navajo. He only started producing in the 90’s.


I have obviously mixed up my stories. I was going through my rings today and found my grandmother’s ring, which I remember her wearing. I have no idea where this ring came from, but many thanks for the information.

Lapis Lazuli is the deep blue sometimes flecked with gold. Think King Tut gold burial death mask. Denim is a paler form, a mixture with other minerals such as white calcite.