Help Identifying this Turquoise and Coral ring

I can’t find the maker. I love this ring but want to know about it! The hallmark looks like a combination of letters but I cannot find anything similar online.

Can you tell us about it? Did you purchase the piece new? Lots of times stores by from a limited source, might be the best way to find a name.

No I got it at a thrift store.

This is a classic 80s design, but I don’t think this ring is that old. I couldn’t find anything on the hallmark, sorry.

Why don’t you think it’s from the 80s if I may ask?

It is always hard to tell from an image, it could be from the 80s. The ring just has a newer look to me. It is like a contemporary design on the classic, not actual leaves, that bumped cutout, twisted wire around half the stone and half round wire around part of the turquoise. I have some images of rings, the two turquoise stone is from the 80s, two hematite from the 90s and the turquoise and coral is a new ring. You will notice how each shows their age.

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