Help identifying Turquoise Bracelet

Hi there, I’ve been trying to identify the origin and maker of this Turquoise Bracelet also if there is a way to tell where the turquoise came from. So far I have hit a brick wall every-time. Hoping someone here might know the mark. Any help is greatly appreciated.
The part that goes around the wrist is 3/16"x1/8" and the area with the stones from the top is 1-1/2"x1".

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Hello, thanks for sharing. This is a Navajo bracelet. I could not find anything on the hallmark. The style is 1980s and I would call that turquoise seafoam from Kingman, Arizona. Hope that helps.

Thanks for trying Jason. Trying to find this hallmark has been tough. I’ll keep trying though. If y’all had this in your store what kind of price would you put on it? It weighs 31.4g. Thanks in advance.

It has nice weight. We would probably have it around $120, hope that helps.