Help IDing Native American sterling cuff, pictogram ID

Been a while since I’ve found anything at thrift store. The only marks are a pictogram.



The pictogram is a rabbit stick (which is a small curved throwing club used for hunting small game). It could be Ted Wadsworth although his work usually has a hopi guild sunface as well


I have one book with hallmarks, and it is Hopi
Silver, the History and Hallmarks of Hopi Silversmithing.

Your picto hallmark definitely looks like Ted Wadsworth. My book said that he learned at the guild, but it doesn’t show that he always has the guild symbol with his hallmark. So I suspect that’s your artist. According to my book, he is a member of the Bear Clan and is from Shungopavi. He began silver work in 1954.

Enjoy your cuff!


When I looked at your picture again, I can’t see what it looks like in the dark parts. Is that just solid black or are there little tiny lines as in most Hopi work? I believe most Hopi work has etching inside the black, not solid black. So maybe I’m wrong about who this is.


Hi, Just checked and it is etched with diagonal lines inside the dark areas. thanks!


I like the simplicity of the piece. Love Hopi work. Don’t think I’d find anything like that at thrift stores here in northern Indiana. Sigh.

I’ve found all my Native American cuffs and rings at thrifts or pawn shops here. Primarily thrifts.

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I third that it looks like Ted Wadsworth’s hallmark