Help in identifying a squash blossom

I am hoping that someone can help me identify the origin of this squash blossom or some other details. It was my mother’s and I have had it for about 25 years, but I don’t know how long she had it for. I believe it was purchased in New Mexico in the 70s or 80s…whether it was purchased new or old is unclear to me. I would love to have some of the history.

Thank you in advance for any insight.


WOW…that is beautiful!


My thoughts exactly and very unusual!

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This is a great thing to own. It is a Zuni squash blossom so you are going to research names like Horace Iule and Juan De Dios. I would think of this piece as pre 1970s.


Thank you. This gives me a starting point to start my research. I appreciate the feedback.

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Is that a corn husk motif? I never seen one like that. It’s very beautiful


That is a beautiful heirloom! Wow I’ve never seen one like that. Please share what you learn! We all want to know now…lol
Thanks for sharing!


Whoah! What a unique piece…Welcome to the forum…


This is a really nice example of a squash blossom. I’m not saying it’s his, but it definitely reminds me of Dan Simplicio’s work. I don’t feel confident dating it, but my gestalt is 1950’s. Congratulations on owning such a special and lovely piece!

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I keep coming back to admire this necklace. Curious how the naja and blossoms/corn husks are made. Sandcast?



Unfortunately, I am not a jewelry expert, so I can not answer your question. I am just a lucky owner of this necklace. If I learn anything, I will let you know.

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It’s interesting that you mention Dan Simplicio. I am not familiar with any of the squash blossom artisans, but as I started looking at Google images yesterday, I came across Dan Simplico and thought that this necklace looked most similar to some of his work. I’m going to keep searching. Thanks for the feedback.


Hi. It’s unclear to me if it is a corn husk or not…but it could be!

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I see what you mean: Google Images

So…my 85 year old mother had one strong
memory of this necklace. She said that someone who was an “expert” ( she noted that she has no way of knowing if accurate or not) back in the 80’s told her that it was a Washoe (she didn’t know spelling just pronunciation…in fact I think she said “granny washoe”). Upon googling this is how I think it is spelled. The story continues…

Your mother’s comment is possibly related to a totally different object. Washoe is not a jewelry-relevant name at all–but it is the name of a famous type of West Coast Native American baskets. Does your family have a large, old, and impressive Indian basket?

Thank you for this response and information, as it would have sent me down a needless path. I am not aware of any blankets, but worth asking since she has this term Washoe in her memory.

I’m late to this due to not being on the site till recently, but I was wondering if you found out any more about if this is a Dan Simplicio. I have a buckle by him from my father who bought it in 1971. I have done a lot of research on his work, because people in shops kept commenting on my Effie buckle (it’s not, I have documentation and it doesn’t really look like hers).

Your squash has things that remind me of his, the bezel work and the silver dots, but I don’t remember anything with the corn (although I didn’t really focus on squashes). Whoever made it, it’s SO beautiful!! I was just curious.