Help in identifying hallmark

Navajo Watch cuff

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I hope someone knows. I was researching that Mark yesterday and never had any luck. I own a bracelet with the same Hallmark.

It is marked unknown on the website at the end of the F’s


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Yes and I also checked a couple of books.

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Hello and thanks for the welcome Koliopee! The only other place i saw this mark ; like AC stated above, was under the “unknown” section…Perhaps somebody here will know!!! Thanks

HI there Islandmomma!! Thanks for the welcome… I have looked everywhere and have yet to get an artisan. thanks much… lets keep in touch and share if we get an answer :slight_smile:
** i have quite a few pics i need help with… coming soon

F G Indian Native jewelry hallmark:slightly_smiling_face:
3 F^G .

  • I Found this in the INAhallmark on the web
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It is Navajo work, traditional. I would take any FG hallmark and do some research, hallmarks change. This piece we would call the 1970s, maybe that can narrow it done a little. I put Frank Guerno into google and got a handful of watch bracelets, find a style that looks similar.

I was reading somewhere that the Art AmerIndian site stole a lot of Billie Hougart’s work, and a lot of artists are misattributed on there as well. I think if the mark is listed as “unknown” on the site there is a good chance that the mark is in one of Hougart’s texts

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Thank you BigBree …i thought i was getting lucky finding mark (unknown) in amerindian site… i looked everywhere in Hougarts 4th edition, Quite a few marks are missing as wel, like this Lincoln Soseeah I have; a sunface set . im having bad issues sending pics . frustrating ugh. Everyone have patience please
IMG_7141soseah IMG_7153soseeah

thanks for checking pics out!IMG_7163%20(1)


I noticed some I can’t find in the 4th edition too. One Notable artist I can’t find is Linette Laiwakete who I have a couple of pieces by.


WOW! This piece is beautiful AC…I love looking at others stuff!.. Thanks for peeking at mine,

Thank you, your sun face necklace is pretty fantastic too!

** Bump
while googling ‘Lincoln Soseeah’, i came across this info (?) on Ancestry. Does anyone know if info could be correct?

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I clicked the link & it goes to their homescreen

Oh No… I’ll try to screen shot…Thank you @TaraFawn75