Help in identifying my turquoise bracelet - what do I have?

In 1974 we drove to Arizona and purchased some turquoise jewelry and for some reason it was tucked away where it was never used. Well, I just “found” it again and don’t know what I have or the value. This one is a silver/nickle turquoise cuff with not real markings … just a possible “VM” scratched in the back. Can anyone help to explain to me what we have and how I can find a value? I’m not really interested in selling it … our intentions are to leave it to your granddaughters … but I’d like to know what it is that I have.
Thank you for your help

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Hello, thanks for sharing. This is a nice Navajo bracelet. It appears to be sterling silver, not nickle. The stones are most likely pieces of Persian Turquoise. I don’t know about the VM being a hallmark. It could also be the owner’s initials are something else. Those pieces of turquoise are not cheap and the bracelet seems to be good size. From the picture I would think if we had this it would be around $600. Hope this helps.