Help - is this handmade/real turquoise?

This was advertised as handmade and turquoise, not entirely sure that is accurate. New to collecting - any help is appreciated! Thank you

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Same as (basically identical to) the previous necklace you posted, in terms of it being manufactured goods.

Could you share a link to where these came from? It can be educational and helpful to see what the original source’s comments were.

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Thank you! Here is how it was advertised: This is a Native American Navajo Handmade Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace & Post Earring’s Set. Necklace length: 22.00"

Other than that - no other information. Looking to get collective feedback that is was misrepresented.

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I’m no expert, just have looked at a lot of Native American jewelry in person as vs. online. This doesn’t have the feel of real at all. I’m assuming the backs of the silver leaf shaped pieces look the same as the other one you posted. Could it be one that was Native assembled with machine made parts? I notice it’s says “native made” vs. “native hand crafted.” My understanding is that hand crafted means made by hand, compared with being strung with machine made parts. Not sure I am remembering that correctly.


looks like they came from “live auctioneers”

I’m not seeing anything that says Native American to me, or handmade. The stones may be real - i do see some color change and matrix that might be legit, but idk. also - the patina/color on teh chain is different from the spincast beads/leafy bits, and it looks like they are joined with inexpensive beadalon wire and crimps.

Thank you for the info on the stones and the wire. I thought the wire was suspect, but the turquoise I’m still up in the air about…

it’s difficult to tell from a photo, but it’s very possible that it is block (plastic). It’s amazing how realistic they can make fake turquoise look. Are the backs of the stones open?

They are closed. Here are pics of the back of the necklace, it i stamped STERLING and does pass the magnet test (sorry for the bad lighting!)

So it seems that I had those two terms backward. I’m attaching a screenshot of an article from the Department of the Interior on Native crafts. Sorry I couldn’t do a link; I downloaded it on my phone and I couldn’t get it to work any other way. But it does have very good information.

So either the website is just flat-out lying, or maybe there was some Native American involvement in stringing the pieces together. I have a hard time trusting things sold online unless they’re being sold from a reputable shop.

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I don’t doubt that it’s sterling. Many import faux-Native pieces have open backs, which is sort of a dead giveaway. This is a tough call for me, if it’s even handmade. The beads definitely look spincast (not handmade). In my opinion, the seller should be able to prove “Navajo” if that is how they are selling it. If they can’t prove it, then it’s fraud. My gut instinct is telling me this isn’t native handmade.


I’m calling non-native here, too. Can’t put my finger on exactly what, upon looking at it as a whole prior to reading responses (others did a better job calling out the specifics!), but this just is not typical of a style of, or looks like NA craftsmanship.

Well, Okay, maybe a few things…the odd barrel and flattened “round” beads, and the carved out backs of the non-turquoise pieces don’t look right.


Keep in mind if you want to take issue with the purchase you need to go through the seller, not the online auction house. They just put up what the seller used for a description. In this case it is Pacific Auction House you would need to deal with. If they give you any issues (like: “that’s what the owner told us”) just tell them the owner is not the seller, PAH is who sold it to you. Give them the lowdown on the IACA and they may refund just based on that.

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The magnet test will only tell you if it’s iron or nickel or some other scarce and unlikely metals. There are so many non-ferrous metals out there that a magnet won’t stick to, not a very helpful test.

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Something that looks like a Frank Patania inspired piece.


Here is a similar design, handmade by the well known Navajo artist Mary Tom.

Turkey Mountain also has one similar made by Joe H. Quintana:

Both without the turquoise, obviously, but pretty fantastic.


A great piece. Don’t know how much Mary Tom is making these days, a good one to hang onto.

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Fabulous layering. :heart_eyes:


The minuet I saw it I thought of Frank Patania. Problem with that is it’s not signed by Frank Sr. or Jr. so that is out.
Good copy though, and it is quite possible that the turquoise is real.