Help! Is this Turquoise?!? Need replacement stone

Hey friends, been a long time since I’ve been on here. I need your help in identifying whether or not this stone is Turquoise? My gut is telling me NO, based on the notion that I couldn’t find anything remotely resembling this stone when I searched Green Turquoise Cabachons. We are supposed to be replacing this cracked stone out of this gold ring for a client, but as I mentioned I am having trouble finding this exact stone! Any suggestions would help, too. :smiley: Thanks so much.

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Now that I look at my photos again, I’m noticing that the FIRST photo only is a more true representation of the green color.

Not sure what it is, but you can probably find something close. Get the size of the stone and see if these guys have something

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Thank you so much. I’ll check them out. We think it may be Aventurine after further digging. :slight_smile: