Help me ID these beautiful pieces please

Hello! I have a two piece set of vintage silver.
There are no markings but I did confirm they are indeed silver.
I would love to identify the maker and tribal origin if possible.

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You could start with Rosalie Pinto it’s her sort of style, these Mudheads.


You nailed it!
Thank you so very much!

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These are in her style but not by her. If you look at one of her pieces, how the pieces fit into the background, you will see a big difference in the amount of filler material being used to fill in the spaces between the inlaid pieces and the background. Like grout between tiles. Rosalie’s pieces fit so tight you sometimes can’t see the filler at all. And notice the difference in the hands. With no marking on your pieces it will be hard to tell who made them. It could be someone just learning the craft but there is also a possibility they are not Native American made but from overseas. Have you found any more like it online with this pinker colored coral on a lighter background?

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I found a couple on Etsy. Mind you these searches are what random people are asking, They may or may not know anything about the pieces. Also this particular lady is kinda known for hyping her pieces up and I notice she doesn’t mention the name Pinto at all.

I realize without a marking it could be a reproduction. I just needed some way to attribute the style to a maker. I posted them on eBay with a made up price and plenty of room to negotiate.

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. I can’t wait to show the few other pieces I have.



She’s calling the work Navajo. As I read, Rosalie Pinto is a Zuni artist?

I don’t think reproduction, I’d think fake.

The piece appears to be collaboration, the silver work is Navajo. It is not unusual to have it done this way.

If you haven’t already discovered, google “Bev Etsate” also.

Happy Sunday All… Don’t mind me jumping in on the Augustine & Rosalie Pinto finds:)
I have had this cuff since the mid 80’s… I have lost several cut pieces ie; one earring, and both booties. see below