Help me identify this artist please!?!

My husband and I were traveling through New Mexico on our move to Arizona. We stopped at a roadside gas and souvenir shop and an older gentleman asked for a ride to Grants. He looked like Navajo, maybe?? Or one of the other local nations possibly? Anyways, after giving him the ride, ad he was exiting our vehicle, he turned and gave this to my husband as payment for the ride. No joke, true story. This was in Sept/Oct 1999. We put the ring away all these years. Could I get some help identifying it.


I’m afraid anything that’s written on it needs to be closer up. It’s very hard to see.

It’s beautiful stone and craftsmanship. The third picture down on the right is sterling, obviously. The bottom right is maybe worn down, out of focus or maybe it’s my eyes! Enjoy it. Can’t wait to see what someone with more knowledge than I have has to say. Take care.