Help Needed for identifying "CROSSED ARROWS HALLMARK" on Concho Necklace

The diameter / top of the biggest concho on this necklace is 3.14 inches
Total weight Approx. 180 Grams
The hallmark depicts “Crossed arrows” and “Sterling”

I looked for the hallmark but the only silversmith I did find who uses this symbol is KENNETH JONES but in addition he uses the letter"J" so i am not positive if this was created by him. Did he change his hallmark from “Crossed arrows” to “Crossed arrows combined with letter J”? I could not find examples if his work in the style of my necklace. So I am very uncertain about the silversmith behind this necklace.
It would be great if somebody could identify the silversmith, the turquoise used and give me some indication about the age of the necklace and the value of it.
For me it is a keeper - I love the turquoise and the sterling setting.

Hmm. Hougart’s has a couple crossed-arrow hallmarks

  • A Hopi name with crossed arrows that feels off base.
  • John B. Begay, Jr.: Seems to place it across the Sterling stamp.
  • Tom De Witt: Seems to be longer than yours and have more elaborately detailed feathers
  • Etsitty-Tsosie: Looks like feathers may be thicker.
  • Kenneth Jones: Looks closest to yours in size. I’d try googling his name & see what turns up.

Edited to Add: When I google examples of work, I don’t like any of these for your piece. Not at all. With Kenneth Jones, the work is pebbly cluster work, not lapidary work like this.

When the style+hallmark = ID equation fails, what do you go by? Style or hallmark?

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I always stick to the hallmark…but I am not an expert. I also came by KENNETH JONES but as you wrote the style of his jewelry just does not match! I am pretty sure it is a NAVAJO piece. Any idea for the kind of turquoise used and the era?

I’m still learning about rocks & mines. You need to ask Jason or another member about that.

Here’s all I can give you: This chain has a lobster-claw clasp. If the chain & clasp is original, this isn’t any earlier than the 1970s. I do not believe that kind of clasp was used before then.

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That is a good point!!! Thank you so much…I will do further research about the artist, turquoise & Age…hope Jason will come along to help out

Seeing how the stones are worked in this Kenneth Jones piece, and comparing hallmarks, I’m starting to wonder.

Yeah, I am wondering too…but does the hallmark in Hougarts Book not include a “J” under the “crossed arrows”? I am still wondering,…