Help needed with JW MS

I would love to know more about this turquoise cuff and the hallmark. Any help offered would be appreciated

I found this with the same stamp. What can you tell me about your bracelet? I don’t think of the link being an old pawn piece, more like a new piece. Cluster in that style is often attributed to Justin Wilson, but I have never seen this MS with his work and the eBay piece seems more of a knock off. Can you include a picture of the front of your bracelet?

Hi Jason,

Thank you for replying. I also think its a copy of a vintage design, but it looks to new to be a vintage piece. I have found quite a few pieces on the internet with the same stamp. I saw the stamp on art-amerindien also asking for any information. I have seen comments that it is two artist ( Sorry I can’t remember which ones) I bought my cuff from a wholesaler who travels to the US and brings back pieces to the Uk. I sell Native American Jewellery. I like to find out as much about the artists, I find it interesting and I’m always happy when I can match a piece to its story

Thank you for your help


Hello, I’m not sure if my reply came through. I think my cuff is a copy of a vintage piece. it looks too new to be vintage. I have found quite a few pieces for sale on the internet with the same markings. I have looked on art-amerindien the stamp is on there, but no information. I bought the cuff from a wholesaler who buys from the USA and brings back to the UK. I sell Native American jewellery. I love to find out about the artist who creates this beautiful jewellery.

Thank You for your help