Help wanted for this gorgeous old? ring please

Hi there, I was wondering if anybody can help me identify this ring which seems to be extremely old, but that may apear cause of the scratching and bended wobbly band?

Also the stone (anyone knows what kind of turuqoise it is, sleeping beauty?) seems to be filled up at the sides with something, which was probably done because this is such a gorgeous ring and stone it would be a total waste scrapping it.

Does anyone know what period of time it would com from? (is is only signed Sterling)

I hope to hear from you, thanks for thinking along!

Kindest regards, Ester.

I don’t think it’s filled-in on the sides. If it’s black, that may very well be the backing on the turquoise cabochon. Stones typically are backed after they are shaped to give them greater strength, since turquoise is a relatively soft stone.

I’m not good at identifying types of turquoise, as I have a question about this myself in the forum. But I don’t connect this ring with Sleeping Beauty. It’s too dark and has dark matrix. The best Sleeping Beauty is more like a shining light blue with depths to it, closer to a bird’s egg. That doesn’t mean this isn’t desirable turquoise. Darker stones from Morenci and Bisbee mines (and yours might be this, but an expert needs to determine this) are extremely desirable.

You may want to have a jewelry work on the band here, which has a decided kink. Maybe it caught on something and got pulled out of shape. The jeweler could also see if the band was compromised and needed to be built up to make it wear longer and feel more comfortable on your finger.

Hi Saef,

Thanks for your reply, I also thought about Morenci, but still not sure. I don’t think I can find someone in the Netherlands with enough knowlegde about turquoise mines in the Southwest, but it is still beautiful.

The band indeed has a bad kink, but even though it looks horible, it actually feels great wearing it. Too bad it is too big for me but I will sell it in my shop for someone else to love it longer.

Thanks again and kindest regards, Ester.

The kink can easily be straightened. We have metal ring sizers that we just slid the ring onto and that reshapes the metal. This is a good ring to learn from, the difference between handmade and cast. The holes in the backside of the silver let us know that the piece was made using casting techniques. I would call this stone a piece of stabilized Kingman. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jason,
Thanks so much for your help, good to hear its a Kingman and to learn that is was cast.

Would you know to define the period in which it could be made? And maybe what it would be worth (when the band was straightened?

Thanks and kindest regards, Ester.

I imagine this is a contemporary ring, $60