Help Wanted: In Search of a Turquoise Expert—Find the Stone!

Hi Turquoise Friends!

I came across this ring made by Navajo Silversmith, Sheila Tso, a few months back. I regret missing out on this ring & stone.

I’m working with a local silversmith to re-create this ring, but I’m needing some assistance in identifying an estimated cabochon size, and I’m looking for insight on what mine this stone may be associated with.

I’ve attached a photo and would love your input!



Welcome to the forum, maybe something like 17 mm x 9mm.

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As for turquoise type, maybe sleeping beauty?

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Kingman mine produces this color today and is a very reasonable priced turquoise.

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After a lot of research, I think I’ve narrowed it down to either Sleeping Beauty or Kingman. Thanks for your insight! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Jason! Appreciate you.

I’ve been on the hunt for a similar calibrated cabochon from Kingman, but for some reason–this specific shape/size has been so difficult to find.

call them or send them an email. Very helpful folks.


Ooh, love that red spiderweb type on the Kingman site!

Thanks for the insight, everyone! I’m working with Thunderbird out of Gallup to recreate this Navajo made turquoise ring.