HELP ! What did I just find ?!?!?

I have never seen anything like this !!! The beads look like they are possibly coral…and every one of them is inlaid with turquoise, coral or silVER. Does ANYBODY have any idea what this necklace is, and possible age and origin ??

These aren’t Native American. Based on the inlay style, they are probably from Tibet or Nepal. Not sure if they are Mala beads or not.

I didn’t think this was either, but nobody knows more about turquoise n coral than the folks on this website.

It’s crazy that something like this would find its way to the middle of no where South Dakota. I’m gonna have to do more research…thank you !!

I found this link, the style is just like your beads. However, yours is a much better quality. It is interesting the two side dangles, being very similar except the end piece. If you do find out about this piece please let us know.

I’d be curious to see the link to the one you described

sorry, thought I had included that

Thanks Jason :blush:

From what research I’ve done so far, these are yak bone inlaid beads…pretty cool