Help with a Conjoined M & J Hallmark (Mark Jimenez)

Just checking to see if anyone has seen this hallmark? I got this last year from @Christibo along with a couple of other things. I remembered it as Mark Jimenez who has Apache ancestry and a conjoined M and J hallmark, but looking again, they don’t join at the correct spot. His J connects to the middle of the bottom of the M. This one connects to the bottom of the right leg of the M. I’ve gone through Billie Hougart’s new book as well as the Barton Wright book with no luck. Any ideas?


I think the style of work looks Mark Jimenez, and hallmarks can change. You should see if he has a facebook page or another social media account and show him the piece.

I’ve been looking, so far no luck.

Man, 5 minutes after I posted that I found this, so it’s a start. Silver Mountain Designs | Tempe Festival of the Arts


Follow up: I’ve spoken with Mr. Mark Jimenez this afternoon at Silver Mountain Designs. He kindly gave me his cell phone number so that I could text some photos, which I’ve just done. When he gets back to me, I’ll let you know what he says.That was quick, Mr Jimenez says that it is one he made in 1992 or 93 and that the other beads on it are ocean jasper and onyx and that the J joined to the right leg of the M was an early hallmark. He said that if he were to make it today it would cost about $800. He is a really nice guy. He also said that he would be attending an event in Southlake, TX in April but I didn’t get all the particulars, so I’m off to see if I can find that.