Help with hallmark , basic info

This_1010556P6190196 bracelet has a hallmark with the Letters S an arrow and Y. My research finds an artist named Steve Yellowhorse. However it does not represent the work I see associated with him. Again I’m interested in finding who the artist is, info on the piece, the turquoise, age , value…
Thank you
Warren Mantooth

I couldn’t find any information on this hallmark or the arrow. However, I was able to eliminate Steve Yellowhorse, he said this was not a hallmark he has used. The piece is Navajo, turquoise looks like Kingman, It doesn’t seem like it is an old piece, maybe 1990s. Nothing gives an idea of the size of stone, but it looks like it is 1 1/2" plus? $285 - $360.

Thanks very much for the reply. I found the Arrow but not the initials by searching this site. The arrow symbol is still mysterious to me. The person posting said it was his fathers however he did not say who his father was.