Help with hallmark for cuff bracelet please?

Would greatly appreciate help identifying a Native American cuff bracelet that I’ve had for many years, going back to possibly the 1970s (maybe early to mid 80s). I believe my mom may have purchased it in Arizona while on a visit, although not entirely certain.

Thanks in advance!

Navajo silversmith Tommy Singer made this style very popular, and when it caught on everyone was making it. The style is called chip inlay and the symbol is a Peyote Bird from the Native American Church. I couldn’t find a mark to match this one to, sorry. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jason, thanks so much for responding.

I looked at some of his (beautiful) work and my piece definitely looks similar to some of the pieces I’ve been seeing but the marking I have doesn’t have the typical TS that I’m seeing on other pieces.

It sounds like you think this is Tommy Singer but I couldn’t tell if you were sure based on your comment about not being familiar with the marking on my piece. I did find this hallmark that looks similar but I’m just not sure. Mind taking a look? Thanks again, really appreciate it.

Sorry, forgot to mention this artist is Fred Thompson Navajo (the pic I just posted).

I think the bracelet could be associated with Tommy Singer. You are right that the hallmark doesn’t match any credited to him. The hallmark is not Fred Thompson’s, it is a little different. Fred did work here for the trading post and his style is very different from this work.