Help with hallmark ID and turquoise identification Thank you. G

Can we see the backs? That would help for sure. AL is used by more than a few smiths.

Ooops did I say AL? My bad that is AM here are a few more pictures. I really appreciate all your help. Also it has a few cracked stones. Does that affect the value? Do you have any idea the type of turquoise that was used in this belt.? Thank you in advance. Gabby

By the way I have looked through so many sights on the net looking for this hallmark and visited several libraries in our area looking for the Hougart book Native American and Southwestern Silver Hallmarks but no luck finding it. I don’t think it is Alfred Martinez as most of his work I have found doesn’t look like this belt. But I could be wrong =0).

Bloody nice Concho!! Looks very well cared for. Let me get you started on your search. Google is your best tool.

Angeline Miller - Navajo My best guess. Of course I defer to the pros.

Thank you so much Christibo for the information. Angeline Millers hallmark is spot on and some of her work looks very much like this. Can you give me any information on the type of turquoise is in the belt? And should I replace the cracked stones for insurance purposes, will it devalue the belt with cracked stones?

OOOps Sorry forgot to add a photo for turquoise identification. Gabby