Help with hallmark please!

Would greatly appreciate assistance in confirming this hallmark. I’ve been through Hougart v4 & Wright Hallmarks & Shaaf II & III and cannot find anything to match. One person said Leo Begay but I have not been able to find anything on that name either.

You might try and do some research on Les Baker marks. Might ask them.

Thank you Jason, I will email their shop but I don’t think I’ve ever seen something attributed to Les Baker without a symbol on it as well.
Are you aware of a Leo Begay?

I don’t know that name. In the forum another LB was attributed to Loren Begay.

Regarding Les Baker, the response from Gary included “His hallmark had a small thunderbird between the L and B and it was diagonal. Also, the bezels he made around the stone were normally smooth on top and not saw-toothed like that one.”

Loren Begay also seems to use a symbol along with the LB and the font is different.
Thanks for the suggestions. The search continues… will let you know if I turn up anything.

What A Beautiful Bolo you got there!!:+1:
For your LB i cant find anything either…However,
I found this LB & L (thunderbird) B in Hougarts 4th. one Fritzen Toldedo.

Thank you. FYI, the L(tbird)B is the Les Baker shop that the artist worked at. The effort is appreciated!

Thanks for that info! :smiley: I learn something new everyday!