Help with ID of hallmark, tribe and value

Anything you can tell me about this bracelet would be helpful. Hallmark in two different places is “K” and I can’t find that anywhere in the hallmark guides I have seen. It is not marked sterling. Also would like to know what tribe it is from and a possible value.
Thank you for any and all help! In the photo’s, it is showing some of the Mother of Pearl as yellow…this is just a reflection. I would be happy so send further photos if needed.

This is a very unusual piece. It looks like it has a little bit of age. The style of the silver work and stone setting is Navajo. I don’t believe the lapis, coral and turquoise on the inlay is real stone. Single initial hallmarks are very difficult to identify. If we had this piece we would probably have a price around $180 on it. Hope that helps and thanks for sharing.


I would like to add that just because there is no sterling mark, that does not mean your cuff isn’t sterling silver. Many Native American jewery pieces are unmarked sterling pieces. Also, do not fret over your mother of pearl color. MOP comes in many shades of pearl white to golden ivory… the latter simply indicates it’s age and does not take away from the value!