Help with id of turquoise and silver coloured necklace please?

I’m hoping someone can help me id my necklace please? It’s set with turquoise and is white metal that looks like silver to me, but it’s not hallmarked apart from an arrow with 2 diagonal lines through the arrow stem impressed within each section and it doesn’t react to a neodymium magnet but it’s not been tested. I’m not sure if the link is original, it’s been put on back to front anyway by someone before I owned it. I’m sorry if my wording is incorrect or the photos may not be uploaded, I’m new to this beautiful type of jewellery and I’ve never posted on this website. I have shown the entire back just in case it helps? Please let me know if you need any other photos. Many thanks Christine :smile:

Hi Christine, happy to give you my thoughts. It looks like a manufacture piece to me. Not Native American, and the Turquoise looks to be more of a resin or glass. I would suspect that you may find more information looking at costume jewelry hallmarks, and get it acid tested. I suspect it is not Sterling as well.