Help with ID of WS on unique piece

Hi, can anyone help me to ID this interesting bracelet by WS ? Thanks for any help with value/collectible too!

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Can you send an image of the WS hallmark? I am not sure this is Native American made. The piece looks like one big cast. Do you have any other information about it?

Hi Jason, I’ll reply here since you’ve asked me twice for this info even though I sent it to you, here’s the hallmark pic. It looks cast to me also, it isn’t a solid thick piece of silver like the 1st pic might make one think looking at it straight on but the motorcycle itself is attached to the bracelet at two points, I’m attaching a rear pic and a magnified, with lines added by me, pic to show the initials since it’s hard to get the right angle of light to show them and they’ve worn away over time. I’ve asked the seller for any more info twice now so I don’t know if he’s leery of why I’m asking or just doesn’t know but I let him know I’m happy with it and am just trying to find out who made it. Hope this helps you.

You can find lots of different style silver findings. Locally we have Thunderbird supply that will carry things like this. I did a google search that gives you an idea I couldn’t find anything on the hallmark. It might be a shop mark or manufacturer mark. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Wow! You’re obviously much better than I am with searches, I did see a few of the Kokopelli on a bicycle ones but you hit the jackpot. I guess my only question is do you think it’s Native American or not. The only other info I got from the seller was this-“I have bought this bracelet from moving Estate from Minneapolis 90 years old lady she has moved to a nursing home.” Anyway thanks for your efforts!

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I don’t know for sure if the artist I’m gong to name here is the actual silversmith, but it is very likely as he really didn’t want to conform to traditional items. Tommy Singer had a brother name William Singer. William joined forces finally with Tommy after much coaxing back in the early 70’s, making a lot of the crushed turquoise and coral inlay pieces. Tommy Singer is the original designer/creator of the crushed inlay… I can definitely see William Singer making this but I do not know that for a fact, it just my opinion.

Well, hmmmm. Some folks do tell tall tales and I’d most likely not believed him, but you just never know. My first question would be why would a 90 year old woman have this in the first place. Ya know, I just can’t make sense out of what he said. May just go to prove some folks will say anything if they think you will buy it.

I think the overall fact here is that it really is a nice bracelet and any Harley guy or gal would love this. If it is actually made by William Singer, he is Navajo, so your answer to that could absolutely be yes. N.A. See if you can find any other pieces by William Singer and write to him. He will give you a yes or no on it, I would think.

Here you go. It’s on for $200.

The 90-year-old lady maybe ordered it on Amazon? I’m thinking it’s manufactured.

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Oh wow, that bites. It’s probably not even a lady, it’s a young kid pretty much scamming people with lies! So not cool!

I know, but don’t you kind of love the idea of a 90-year-old lady ordering a Harley-Davidson cuff off Amazon and using her Prime membership?

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LOL!!! Yea, I thought that was a pretty big whopper myself. So, they’ve got some imagination! Ya gotta give 'em that! lol