Help with identifying please

Hi there. I bought this at a mineral collection estate sale.
Is it safe to call this Boulder Turquoise?
And the area it’s from if possible
I’m pretty sure it’s old and not stable. It’s pretty solid but there is one crack running on one side.


This amateur would call it no. 8

Nice chunk!

Based on the examples from this website the color and solid areas of turquoise with little to no matrix I submit sleeping beauty as a possible ID.

Did you pick up any other types of minerals from that sale?
What plans do you have for this chunk?
Do I ask too many questions?

From the look of the webbing on the right side, I too would say #8.
Actually I should say guess, as it could be one of many types.

Can you shoot us a close-up photo with standard size comparison object to get a better idea of the stone size and also size of growth pattern. Thanks, Sara

Hi thanks everyone for replying. Here is a picture of scale. It’s about average 1.5” thick

Hi eventually work on it. Cabbing and free form tumbling.