Help with Kachina Hallmark please

Hi all! I keep getting all the pieces am clueless about. Wondering if anyone recognizes this mark. It looks like JHK to me but I very well could be wrong. Also is this cast? It’s quite heavy. Also has nice original chain. I appreciate you all ! Thank you for any and all help😊

Here’s a similar kachina, but this one is unmarked. Wondering if they are all unmarked and the initials you’re seeing are the past owner’s.

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I agree with @TAH that it’s not a hallmark. Has the metal of the pendant and the chain been tested for silver? It has that Carolyn Pollack type mass-produced, non-Native look, though the chain looks potentially Native made and sterling. Heavy can mean a base metal body.

What was stated about it when you purchased?


In my opinion, the bezels look to be faux bezels. From the photo, on the close-up examination the “stones” don’t look to be held in by the bezels.

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Completely not helpful, but this was my first impression looking at your kachina pendant