Help with M. Yazzie ring

I’ve recently picked up this turquoise ring with the stamp M. Yazzie and have looked up the marks for the Yazzie family and other pieces online stamped the same, but don’t find anything that tells what the M stands for. Anyone know? Thank you for your help.

Their seems to be some confusion in the reference book I am using as to who this hallmark belongs to. They give to names, Marie and Mary Yazzie. The hallmark is attributed to a Marie Yazzie who did piece work for Atkinson Trading Company, and Mary Marie Yazzie who is the sister of Raymond and Lee Yazzie. I would do a search for Mary Marie Yazzie in google images and see if you come across this hallmark.

Hi Jason, thanks so much for your reply! I did a search for Mary Yazzie, Mary Marie Yazzie, Marie Yazzie and M. Yazzie and the stamp I see on items for Mary Marie Yazzie say “Mary Marie” and the style of the items are different and her work seems much different than my ring. I also found silver items by Marie Yazzie but they were stamped “Marie.” I found other items with M. Yazzie but none provided more info. I found a C. Yazzie (identified as Charlene Yazzie for Atkinson Trading Co or Felix Indian Jewelry prior to 1980,) and the style of the stamp looks pretty much the same except it’s a C instead of the M) in styles very similar to my ring but am still at a loss but hope someday we can figure it out :slight_smile:

I have questions about the motif of the ring and type of turquoise - should I make a separate post for those questions?

Thank you for your help,

Silver leaves was a very popular design in the 1980s, the turquoise is possibly Kingman. This is a Navajo ring.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Are silver leaves done more commonly in Navajo circles? My piece has those leaves

Yes, but you find them in Zuni silver as well.

Hi I almost have the same ring same stamp wondering if you got what it’s worth my stones are one green and one orange