Help with makers mark on squash Blossom and turquoise

I have looked in Hougarts, Wright and Art-Amerindien and though there are a number of artists with the marks T C, when I googled them for their work I would not be comfortable attributing this to any of them. The metal is sterling but not marked for sterling. The petals of the blossoms have a faint stamp of rolling hills on them. I bought it as Royston and it looks like Royston to me. Appreciate your insight.


Very Nice! Looks like Royston to me too! Color me green with Envy!


I found this if you scroll down, same era and style, It doesn’t have a hallmark stamp but does have his name engraved. Could have had a hallmark stamp during his career. Beautiful necklace, love the Royston turquoise.


Thanks for the information, I’ll take a look at his work. What do you think would be a reasonable amount to expect for the necklace?