Help with makers mark

Found this bangle but having trouble locating the makers name. It has also had a horrible watch face glued onto the front.

The only thing I get with those letters is Fred Weekoty. But He is a Zuni and that cuff is Navajo. You can remove that watch if you like. Gently pull the fans up and away from the face. There is a fold of silver under them that folds into the space between the watch body and the watch pin. Likely that it is not glued in place. If it is glued in place try to spray a bit of Simply Green or other adhesive removers onto the watch’s underside. You won’t want to submerge the whole thing as that may affect the stone settings. Beautiful cuff!

Can’t help with ID, just a note of caution that the first stone is truly broken, and and you’d want to figure out if it’s been adequately secured, especially since its bezel is wonky and should be tightened up.

Thank you I’ll try that as it does seem like it has been glued on. It is a stunning piece just wishing hadn’t had an awful watch face put on it.

Thank you for the advice I’ll check it over as I haven’t bought it yet.