Help with mark JHY

Hi there. I can’t seem to find this one either. These little knifewing rings seem to be pretty common, but I was surprised with a hallmark when I received it (was advertised as unsigned). It looks like JHY or maybe just JH and the y is something else. Doesn’t really fit the style of art by the few listed JH in Wright’s book. Any help appreciated, Thanks!

Sorry, here are photos

The style is Zuni. So I went to Zuni artist with the last name beginning with an H, didn’t find anything. Did the same for Y, but not sure that is a Y. Then I gave the ring a good look over and begin to wonder if it is Zuni made. Most Zuni artist work on the same design over and over, perfecting their style. This piece looks a little rough, maybe it is a Navajo artist. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Thanks alot for your help Jason!

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Don’t know who made it but it is very nice. enjoy.

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