Help with my cluster pendant

Hi, just found a beautiful cluster pendant with hallmark pictures! I think it may be Federico Jimenez , however I’m unsure! Also wondering what kind of turquoise, I’m thinking royalston on the flower pedals, I’m still learning, but I’m hoping I’m learning more everyday! Thanks for the help! Pam

I don’t think your photo uploaded!

Oh my, forgot the pictures!


The strange thing was owner say they bought it in Santa Monica @ Fred Segal store about 20 yrs ago! The beads were listed as garnet beads and marked Sobella? I’m not sure if this necklace was just sold in LA, or what the deal is but I hear that it’s a very expensive store and back then had unusual jewelry!

Sure looks like a Federico Jimenez piece. Here is a little history for Jimenez and Fred Segal putting them both in Santa Monica, CA.

Seems like we were just trying to identify this JF Sterling hallmark in another thread. Looked -couldn’t find it? May have been another place in time?

Thanks so much! I thought that was the signature! I love the pendant, it’s just nice to know that I’m learning! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks so much! I searched but didn’t find that on google! Did find out that he sold to celebrities like Ali McGraw and Christie Brinkley in the 1980’s! I’m excited that I found such a nice Pendant ! Im learning so much ! Thanks to everyone that helps!

I don’t think it is Royston. I would lean more towards smoky bisbee, or maybe stormy mountain. Ask Jason as he has more experience with different types of turquoise.

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Thanks for the help! Pam

I would ask Jason, I do not understand how to use this app! I understand how to post stuff(somewhat) ! But I’m still a bit confused on it! TY

Ask in this post, Jason will usually get back to you in a timely manner.

I really like this pendant. The garnet beads are beautiful and so different than the usual Navajo pearls. Nice find,

I’m leaning toward Bisbee as well.

I still do not know how to tag anyone! It’s somewhat confusing!

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Thanks so much! I have a nice piece I got today (early Mother’s Day present)! I wanted it right away, the price was good and I think it is from the no 8 mine🤞! It’s another Andy Cadman piece and the

lady bought it 15-20 yrs ago at Perry Null Trading Post(small world)! She could no longer wear the ring and said it cannot be altered due to the size ! I definitely believe it, cause it is very large! So what kind of turquoise do you think it is?


This looks like textbook Number 8 turquoise… very desirable material


Oh I’m so glad! I knew it was just beautiful!

@Jason would really like you to see these pieces! Thanks for the help!

@Bigbree43 I bought it knowing that I can wear a 6.5, only if my knuckles don’t swell! I’m only in my early 50’s but Motrin makes a lot of difference! This is the heaviest ring I have ever had on!

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