Help with pendant ID.?

I acquired this pendant at an estate sale recently for $50 and was wondering about the hallmark and actual appraisal price of the piece. It had 225 wrote in black sharpie on the back, too. Is that a price and would that be original for the way that the piece was sold, being handwritten on it like that?
It is Navajo made faux bear claw with Kingman turquoise and red coral w/ JCY hallmark. approx 3.5" h x 2.5"w
I tried searching for the maker, but found nothing. Is this a Jaun “Chief” Yellowhorse piece?
Thanks to any who can help me!

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/5864b292682717be6f7e07609a83332f52d767a6.jpg">

Hello. We mark our jewelry the same way. It depends, in Gallup everyone has a price and then discounts it, I imagine that is what is going on here. I do not know the hallmark. Thanks for sharing.

Update! I posted this photo to Juan Yellowhorse’s memorial Facebook page and his grandson, Mark Yellowhorse, answered me on it. He said that this is how his grandfather marked his pieces and that it was his handwriting!! He didn’t know the date that the piece was made, but since he passed in 1999, it is minimum 15+ years old. Thanks for your reply, Jason!