Help with Pictorial hallmark - HOPI? - overlay cuff with 3 Roadrunners

I have owned this one for over 10 years now. Bought it on an estate sale. Never was able to identify the silversmith although it has a pictorial hallmark resembling to me a bird (maybe eagle). The cuff is worked in overlay style depicting three roadrunners. Any help would be appreciated. It would also be great if you can give me a hint about the age of this piece and the value.

<img src="/uploads/db1846/original/2X/5/52f57801b4cc0b94b9ee7839e8e3d4900bc96e65.jpg" width=“666” height=“500”



Beautiful Hopi bracelet. I couldn’t match that hallmark with anything in Wright’s Hopi silver book. Next I did a google search for Hopi roadrunner bracelet and found a buckle that has the exact roadrunner That picture didn’t lead to the source, but if you exhausted searches for Hopi roadrunner jewelry you might get lucky. Hopi jewelry has become expensive. It seems not as many Hopi artists are working and supply is limited. The buckle I found had some age and so does this piece, I would say 1990s. If we had the cuff it would be around $375. Hope this helps.

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Finally solved the hallmark mystery? I think the hallmark belongs to Leroy Honyaktewa. As a refernce I used Hougart, page 442.

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