Help with Squash Blossom?

I’m hoping I did this correctly?
I have an old squash blossom that I am trying to get any info on.
I’ve added pictures that I hope came out.
(This is my first time here)
This necklace has been passed down to me and I have studied it looking for a “hallmark?” But I find nothing.
I read that if magnets stick to it then it’s not silver.
Well they don’t so I suspect it is silver.
Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance for your time.


I would google petit point squash blossom necklace and look for similarities between the one you own and the ones pictured. If you notice on your necklace that the tear drop shaped turquoise cabochons in the blossoms are set with the pointed end inward until they get to fluted part and then they are set outward with silver drops applied to the ends.The twisted wire around the center cabochons is a little thick and a little sloppy. The turquoise looks good in that there’s variation in color and matrix so not block and probably not stabilized. Looks like silver, may not be sterling. Bench beads look good - not brand spankin new. Sometimes turquoise is backed with a metal that will stick to a magnet even though the majority of the necklace is constructed of silver. Overall a nice looking necklace.

This one looks similar to yours - eBay item number:254871195042

It is a very nice Zuni squash blossom necklace. You are going to have a hard time getting a name of the artist. It is an authentic piece and a very good collectible. Enjoy wearing it.


This is nice! Magnets don’t stick to lots of metals including cupro nickel and nickel. No reason to think this isn’t silver.

It’s a beautiful piece but tons of metals are non magnetic but the tarnish level looks correct for silver if you want to know for sure take to jeweler could be very old piece someone just didn’t stamp could have been Mexico tourists trade stuff too but that is kinda ruled out since it was most all stamped taxco sterling or Mexico sterling somthing on those lines have a jeweler tell you many will for free and if you want a could apraisle take to a reputable turquoise dealer that can be trusted they are hard to find in many states now but is your best bet looks gorgeous and silver to me but pictures don’t do justice plus only physical test done by skilled person(s) can tell for sure hope you get answers please post back again would love too know outcome as it’s gorgeous bed of luck If it’s silver and real turquoise it’s an expensive piece to bad no makers stamps though but doesn’t always prevent a good turquoise dealer from knowing who maker could be or is again lovely piece take to professional or atleast jeweler for testing most all are glade to do it free of charge if they offer you money don’t take it keep it because that tells you it’s worth atleast double to 70% there offer or they could be dishonest and trying to get over on you keep hold of it have it checked and cherish it no matter the outcome it’s gorgeous please let the forum know what you find out by a trained eye or eyes that can physical test it

Also do not clean it can discolor and possible ruin turquoise on it if real which looks real also but can’t know from pics and if a trained eye says it is all good definitely never clean it can kill value to most collect once that’s done and it ruins its natural aged beauty and can destroy and discolor real turquoise big time

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Thank you for all of your help.
A gallery has told me that is at least 1940s.
It is silver and it is real turquoise not the stabilized kind. When looked closely I can see lots of various colors of stones from blues to almost green. And it is really heavy.
We have since found a photo of my paternal grandmother wearing it prior to my mom coming to California in ‘52. So the date of 1940s is probably good, maybe even older?. It’s at least verified old.
They were willing to sell it for $950. That is what I think is sketchy. So I did not sell it and I did not polish it. I always heard my mom say don’t polish! LOL.

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