Help with this bolo tie

Please help identify the maker and material of this bolo tie. My dad wore this for many years. It has the maker’s initials " D D C " stamped on the back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The bolo clip Bennett Pat. Pend. is going to date the piece, and from the looks of this I would guess the age to be in the 1970s. I did a search on Donny and Dorthy Clark because they have a very similar style. They are attributed to have a hallmark of DD, but it is not unusual for hallmarks to change. Of course this is just a guess. When this was made we had no such thing as the internet and we don’t have as much information as we do today, so we have to do some guessing. Hope this helps.

Jason, thank you for your help. My research had also found " D D " hallmark for Donny and Dorthy Clark and that would have been my guess also. Dad had a lot of bolo ties but this was one of his favorites. Thanks again for your help, John.