Help with this cuff

Hi All, longtime reader, first time posting. I finally found a cuff for my small wrist and would love to know more about it. It is very thick and solid, no bend (not that I would try). No hallmarks of any kind. I can’t tell if it is modern unsigned or pre-60’s. The turquoise is quite blue with little green. The matrix looks black to me. Thoughts?


Welcome to Turquoise People! A nice Navajo bracelet with Persian Turquoise.


Thank you! In your opinion do you think it is contemporary or older?

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The cast design has been around for a longtime, but is still made today. This came in the store yesterday from Aaron Anderson. Persian has been associated with Navajo jewelry for a very long time, but I think of a large portion arriving in the 1970s, slowing dramatically by 1980s. If I had to make a guess I would call it 1970s.

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Thanks, that is super helpful. Ironically I saw another online with this similar cast design right after your post.

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I like your turquoise better! :grin: