Help with this ring(polymer?)

I bought this ring online and it was described as Cluster turquoise ring! However when I received it, it looks fake! It is really lightweight and stone is totally smooth, color also look fake to me! I’m wondering if it’s some kind of polymer mix of turquoise! Has a tag on it with an artists name, however it isn’t marked on the back! Can someone help me with this! Im still learning about turquoise, it’s really hard to buy online cause pictures are so deceiving! Thanks is advance for your help!

Jason , can you help with this since you are so knowledgeable! Thanks, Pam

The good part is the seller is taking it back!

@Jason can you help with this plz, womdee if you have ever run across any of these rings?

I’m not sure I’m seeing what you’re seeing. The pics are blurry, but this just looks like color enhanced Chinese turquoise to me.

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It’s hard to take a good picture with this old phone! But it’s isn’t natural turquoise, although I’m not really sure what it is?

@Bigbree43 Are you familiar with the artist? I’m completely miffed!

I don’t know nothing about nothing, however there is a Martin Perry in this book. It does not prove your ring was made by him if your ring is not signed. You can have a hundred little Martin Perry tags made for a few dollars. There is some awesome jewelry on that page close to his picture, which is the only picture of a person on that page, but it’s not his, it’s Michael Perry’s.


Found this which looks the same as yours, tag and all. And earrings with a hallmark. Seems to me if you’re going to hallmark an earring you would also want to hallmark a ring.

I saw those online, I googled it and that gaspeite looking Ring(on Poshmark) is made just like mine! I’m returning it! I would have also thought it would have been signed on the back of ring! That tag is very suspicious, I thought the same thing! I think it’s from Thailand! It’s so lightweight and seems like a cheap knockoff! Just my opinion! So much fake stuff online?

Sorry for getting here late. I know Martin Perry, usually his stuff is signed, but this looks just like his work. He will show up with 50 of this rings at one time. Looks like Chinese turquoise.

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Thanks so much! Well that’s good news, but I was wondering why it was so smooth and lightweight! It was really cheap( $40) and it didn’t look real! I don’t know much about turquoise, but all my jewelry is old like me! Thanks, I returned it cause it isn’t my cup of tea!

you really have to cautiously navigate the on line marketplace. My first rule is if it’s not an unqualified “yes” then for me the answer is “No” and I walk away. I have been know to satisfy my curiosity and purchase something, hoping for the “find” I do have a box of strange “things”. I’ll ask and ask and ask. There was one ebay seller that had an excellent story line, when I challenged him on items tagged as “Lander Blue” from the 1950’s, he cut me off. He always said he relied on what his clients told him, always felt there was a touch of larceny.

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It is really light because it is cheap. Martin is trying to pull off a quantity over quality with this ring.

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