Help with turquoise id. Is this Bisbee?

Would like to know if this is Bisbee. It is very dark so I have included indoor and outdoor photos. All of the stones appear to be well matched except the one on the end has more green than the others. If I could also have help on age and value that would be great. Thanks

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I’m certainly not an expert but it sure looks like Bisbee to me. What a great cuff!

I certainly think that this stone was mined in the Bisbee area, however, I am not entirely sure it’s Turquoise. I belive you might have some Bisbee chrysocholla or Bisbee azurite on your hands here. I am no expert though, It might definitely be turquoise, and I could be wrong!

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Interesting I never entertained the thought of Chrysocolla. I looked at several examples on the internet and most had a wavy fluid like matrix. I don’t own any to compare it to. Hopefully Jason will chime in and give his opinion. Of course it was sold as turquoise so now I’m especially curious.
Thanks for your replies.

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Unusual amount of dark red matrix. Quite striking really. I wonder if it might be Basalt turquoise which is rare?

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Thanks, I will research this one as well.

It is always difficult to tell from an image, but it looks like Bisbee. If it is Bisbee the silver work is not the star here and you think of the stones having the value. This grade you would assume around $5 - $8 a carat, so it becomes a guessing game on carat weight. If it is chrsycholla I don’t know what that runs, you might shoot these people on image

Jason thanks for responding to my post. The sellers said it was deep dark natural Bisbee and that it had been in their pawn vault for awhile. I noticed the craftsmanship was different than my other 5 stone cuffs. I don’t have many so maybe this is done more than I am aware. I have included a picture from the side notice that it is angled at each stone. I don’t know if this helps tell the age or shows that it was made by someone learning or perhaps a novice. It looks ok when worn maybe that was done for the smaller wrist? Do you have idea when it was made?


No idea, two wires and bezeled turquoise with twisted wire has been going on for a long time. From the image it doesn’t appear the piece has to much age, nothing seems worn down. You can always have something remade with the stones.

Hi Jason,
I don’t think you understood my question. This bracelets foundation is shaped like a hexagon instead of smooth arc. I’ve just never seen it done like that before.