Help with turquoise?

I was wondering what type of turquoise this might be? It’s about a half inch long. Thanks!


I feel like this has the characteristics of Blue Diamond. The black chert matrix is usually what makes me think this. Seeing the whole piece actually might help here!

Thanks! Here is another photo. I originally bought to resell but I might polish it up and keep for awhile.

Thanks for the full pic. I really like this piece, it reminds me of a warrior’s shield. The reason I asked for the full pic is because google says that Blue Diamond was mined mostly in the 60’s & 70’s, and I feel like your pendant falls within that period as well. I’m not entirely sure if it’s Blue Diamond, but it’s my best guess!


That is a tough one. I have seen Blue Diamond that looks like this. The thing that throws you off is the cut, that high dome. You are right about the age, this piece has some. If you hadn’t said Blue Diamond I would have called it Persian.

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Might be Blue Diamond. but that usually has more streaks.
It could be Lander turquoise… but i would bet it is Kingman ( about 90% of the time ) because there is so much of it produced.

Thanks guys! Wearing it on a black leather cord.

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