Help with ZUNI Cuff Watch


I could use the help of the experts out there with Identifying the artist that made this beautiful ZUNI (I think) Cuff/Watchband. The makers mark on the Cuff is “W. Silvers”.And if someone could tell me an approximate value of a piece like this. I know that watches are out of fashion with a lot of people but this just may be an exception.
Please take a look and I would appreciate any help/information that anyone can give me.

Here are the dimensions of the Cuff:
Diameter = 9 inches (including the gap)
The Gap = 1 9/16 inches
The width of the Cuff = 2 1/2 inches
The weight of the Cuff = 190 grams


I am just an admirer with too much time on my hands. Look up Navajo Wayne W. Silvers. Now the specialist will chime in and kick me off. :wink:

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Hello the artist name is Wayne Silver. His wife Libby use to work at Tobe Turpen’s Trading as a shop smith. I would imagine this piece was from the 1970s. It is a unique piece combining both Navajo and Zuni styles. We have a buckle by him in dead pawn right now that sells for $270, and has an inlaid bird. This piece is more substantial than the buckle, I would imagine we would have this for sale around $600 - $750 if we had it. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond back with the information regarding my item, it was very helpful.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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They are never out of fashion for me, I have a watchband by Amy Quandelacy and I wear it and get compliments all the time! That is a beautiful piece!

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 Thank you!
    I just looked up Amy Quandelacy jewelry and she has some amazing items that she has created. I bet that your watch is beautiful too. :slight_smile:
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Ring by Amy Quandelancy, I believe. Heard it called Hummingbird pattern. Size 12, bit large. Her work is quite lovely.