Hi All! Cairn here

I am Cairn. I have been blessed to know some wonderful people from the Hopi Mesas. SAkina Blue Starbrough my mother, me and my daughter; three generations,to Hopi a while back. We were “revered” as three generations and kindly accepted into Sakina’s adopted daughter’s home. Her name is Roanna and her husbnad is Lweis, the Snake Dancer.
Icame away a changed person- forever ensconced in the Native and rightful americans. I have some Katsinam and bowls and somejewelry that I wouldloveto show you all.
I lovethe dedication and "cleanliness"of this site. Well done!

In Honor,


Welcome. We would love to see your pictures.

I got some pics up in the identification category.:slight_smile:

I sent some pics. Unsure as to whether they came through? :slight_smile: