Hi All

I became interested in the art and artists of the SW USA when I moved my family to the Navajo Nation. I immersed myself in the culture and beauty of the area. Was trained in the art of Traditional Navajo jewelry by some Tribal Elders, which was. an amazing experience. They guided me through selecting, cutting and polishing the stones. Then obtaining “nice” silver. Designing the piece, which most said not to think too much about. To let the stone(s) guide the design. 'Soldering techniques and finishing.
I still have many of the pieces I made under their guidance and others I purchased . My profile pic is one of the rings I made while living there.
Hope to get back into metal working soon. In the mean time I have been creating many beaded items with natural stones/shells/fossils in their Traditional style.
So glad to have found this forum. Hope to learn from others and see your beautiful items.
There isn’t much Turquoise jewelry in Wisconsin, where I now live.


Welcome! I love hearing from people who bring the maker’s eye to discussions. I’d be happy to hear anything more you can share of your experience learning from the tribal elders.

And I’ve gotten some of my best buys on Native American jewelry in states outside of the Southwest from estates of people who once traveled there and came home with jewelry. So I think you’re in a sweet spot in Wisconsin.